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Can I add windows or cuts on my packaging?

Packly allows slight changes to the die-lines created online. It is possible to add cut-outs, folding lines, windows (only cut, without plastic) or other small variations on it. Each change must be always approved by the support team before purchasing. At the moment we don’t produce completely personalized die-cut templates.

With regards to the variations, you might ask for a feasibility check by sending the edited die-line to [email protected]. Firstly, you should download your custom die-line on Packly and edit it. The change must be entered on the die-cut template layer, attributing a spot color corresponding to the type of change required (in the order cut, crease, perforation):

  • Custom-Cut
  • Custom-Crease
  • Custom-Perf

The name of the spot color must be written exactly as above, while you can choose the display color you prefer based on your design. At the moment the change on the die-cut template is not visible in the 3D preview.

The window must be positioned at least 10mm from the cut/crease lines.

After editing the file, save it and send it back to us including the following information:

– Box type
– Dimensions
– Material
– Number of pieces
– Manufacturing time
– Type of modification required (cut-outs, folding lines, windows)

As soon as we will get the file, we will check its feasibility and complexity and we will send you the custom quote and all the purchasing information.

Updated on 29 September 2021

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