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How is my order packed and shipped?

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Orders are packaged and shipped in customized packaging with the Packly logo. It is not possible to select an anonymous shipping method.

Shipping boxes are made of Kraft corrugated cardboard from 100% recycled material.

The tape used to close the boxes is also made of Kraft paper and is self-adhesive for packages yielded on pallets and reinforced for boxes shipped individually. The choice of kraft tape perfectly follows the line of minimal environmental impact. The reinforced WAT (water-activated tape) is made from 100% eco-sustainable and plant-based materials. The glue, activated by water, is made from potato or corn starch.

No additional plastic packaging is used inside the box to protect or block. Instead, we try to minimize waste even in size by going to an almost bespoke packaging for each shipment.

You can recycle the shipping box and have it adequately recovered and reused to produce new raw material or energy. On the packaging, you will find information about proper disposal.

Choose together with Packly to be on the environment’s side!

Updated on 13 June 2023
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