Shipping times

Printed items

Shipping dates shown on the platform while purchasing might change depending on file validation and will be confirmed by email once the artwork is valid for printing.
The artwork will be reviewed only after receipt of payment and the order will be processed if the file verification has a positive result. The processing time chosen will be calculated from this moment.

Items without printing

Shipping dates shown on the platform are effective for immediate payments through Paypal, credit card and Unicredit wire transfer. Instead, they are approximate in case of wire transfers sent through different banks. Working days, therefore, will be calculated after effective payment receipt.

Packly ships with the major package delivery companies: delivery times depend exclusively on their service. Typically the packages will be delivered after 24hrs in Italy (daily provided areas) and within 3-5 working days in Europe, USA, and Canada (primary locations).

Updated on 8 January 2021

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