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Can I realise custom inserts for my packaging?

You can create inserts that could be used both as a basement or holder.The inserts are made from a cross-shaped sheet of paperboard folded on each side. It is possible to add custom cutouts on the insert in order to contain and hold your products inside the box.

You can proceed with the purchase of the insert in the CREATE section of Packly.

If the insert is unprinted with standard cutouts (such as square, rectangle, triangle, etc.) you have to send us an email, after placing the order, attaching the die-cut template with the cuts and also specifying the order reference.

If, on the other hand, you need cutouts with particular shapes, not regular, send an email to the support team attaching the die-cut template of your custom insert before proceeding with the order. In this way the support team will be able to verify the feasibility and let you have a custom quote.

The cutouts should be placed at a minimum distance of 10 mm from the red folding lines and in the case of several shapes, you must keep 10 mm also between the various holes. Download the die-cut template of the insert and add the cutting holes composed of blue lines, the same blue “cut” already present on the Packly track.

Updated on 8 January 2021

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