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Which type of paperboard should I choose?

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We suggest you choose a low thickness for small sizes packagings and light products and higher thickness for mid/big sizes packaging and heavier items.

The 400 gsm cardboard available on Packly can have a good hold up to a maximum of 1/1.5 kg.
For products with higher weight, or for packaging with shipping purpose, we recommend using corrugated cardboard.
If you need to package products that release humidity or grease, we recommend choosing SBS PE cardboard, which has a Polythene coating on the back that creates a protective barrier.

This is a rough indication and should be verified with appropriate evidence of tightness in any case.

With Packly it is possible to make a single test packaging to verify its actual performance.


As for packaging realized with a white background and with a paperboard characterized by a high thickness, the result might show little chromatic difference between the cut edges of the box and its surface. This oxidation, that will look straw-yellow, depends on the cutting technologies used by the industry and, therefore, it is a typical feature of the manufacturing process that will be visible only on white packaging.

Updated on 13 June 2023
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